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Kanog Blog Software - No Need of Database!

Kanog ™ is a free and open source PHP blog software (also called weblog software) without any use of database. Kanog uses flat files to store all blog data with high-speed file cache so there is no need of any database such as MySQL, Access or Oracle for running your blog.

Kanog is the powerful and easy to use blogging platform and news publishing system that supports categories, archives, photo album, commenting, search, templates, data backup, anti-spam protection, flood protection, IP banning...

  • No need MySQL database, everything is stored in flat files
  • Quick and easy to install and configure
  • Powerful and easy to use template system
  • Visitors can post comments
  • Smilies, avatars and BBCode can be used in posts
  • Multiple categories function
  • Powerful HTML editor with syntax highlighting
  • Add/Edit/Post/Delete news and comments online
  • Auto archiving and backup function
  • Anti-Spam protection & IP Banning
  • High speed searching and editing

Kanog is a Simple, Speedy and Secure PHP blog software, download it now!







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